GlassUp reveals Google Glass competitor at CES

Posted Jan 8, 2014

GlassUp is a Venice, Italy based company that has unveiled a pair of augmented reality glasses at CES. GlassUp will be competing head-to-head against Google Glass. GlassUp projects an image into a lens that is front of the user instead of a prism like Google Glass does. By setting up the display in this form, users will not be forced to look away.

“When we heard about Glass in spring 2012, we thought we had to close down and go home,” stated GlassUp CEO Franceso Giartosio in an interview with The Verge. “But we kept on because there were some big differences in our vision. We use the front lens so we aren’t asking the user to look to the side ? they?re looking forward.”

There are limitations with the lens projection.  GlassUp can only show tiny green lettering in the view without images.

GlassUp is expected to arrive this summer for a price of $399.