GlassUp To Challenge Google Glass

Posted Jul 17, 2013

Several months ago Google ran a competition where the best tweets from people would qualify them to become a Google Glass Explorer.  Google Glass Explorers would have to pay $1,500 to buy a pair of Google Glass from that point.  It is unknown when Google will make Google Glass commercially available for everybody.  However, there is a nimble startup that is challenging Google Glass called GlassUp.  GlassUp is a smart-glasses product that has augmented reality built in.

In order to commercialize their product, GlassUp created an Indiegogo profile to raise funding from a crowd of supporters.  So far, GlassUp has raised over $27,000 with 22 days left to go.  The company wants to raise $150,000.  GlassUp will have the ability to see e-mails, text messages, Facebook status updates, and the news.  Gianluigi Tregnaghi is the man behind GlassUp.  Tregnaghi started working on GlassUp two years ago.  GlassUp will cost only $399.  However, GlassUp will only work as a “receive only” device, which means that users will not be able to respond to text messages or e-mails, nor will it be able to take pictures.

GlassUp uses Bluetooth to display notifications on the lenses.  The notifications are projected in front of the user and they are based on the apps that a user downloads.  GlassUp will display the notifications closer to the center of vision so it will not “strain” the “wearer’s eye.”  The battery life averages around 150 hours of stand-by mode and a prescription lens option may be added in the future.

GlassUp may hit a legal issue with their name though.  Google asked GlassUp to change their name because they believe consumers may get GlassUp confused with Google Glass.  Google filed trademark applications across the globe for “Glass” on June 26, 2012.  The trademark covers “computer hardware; computer peripherals; wearable computer peripherals; peripherals for mobile devices; wearable peripherals for mobile devices; computer hardware for remotely accessing and transmitting data; computer peripherals for remotely accessing and transmitting data; peripherals for mobile devices for remotely accessing and transmitting data; computer hardware for displaying data and video; computer peripherals for displaying data and video; peripherals for mobile devices for displaying data and video; computer software.”

GlassUp said that backers will receive the product regardless of whether if they hit their fundraising goal on Indiegogo or not.  Production will begin in February.  Below is a video explaining more about GlassUp.