Glaucoma-Focused Technology Company Glaukos Raises $29.5 Million

Posted Feb 3, 2011

According to an SEC filing, Laguna Hills based Glaukos Corp. has raised $29.5 million in funding. Montreux Equity Partners, InterWest Partners, Versant Ventures, Frazier Healthcare, and OrbiMed Advisors appear to be participating in this round.

Glaukos started when Olav Bergheim had a close family member that was diagnosed with glaucoma at a young age. When searching for a treatment, Olava contacted Richard Hill, M.D., and ophthalmologist at UC-Irvine to figure out some treatment options. Dr. Hill presented a trabecular micro-bypass stent concept as an option. Hill had spent several years analyzing the potential of implanting a micro-bypass stent in the Schlemm’s canal to restore outflow while being able to avoid invasive glaucoma surgery.

These two then partnered with Mory Gharib Ph.D., who was an Aeronautics professor and professor of bio-inspired engineering at CalTech and created Glaukos. Gharib developed the first prototype of the micro-bypass stent and performed the first human implant within one year.