Global Gaming Factory Chairman Magnus Bergman Steps Down

Posted Aug 24, 2009

Global Gaming Factory X Chairman Magnus Berman has stepped down.  This comes at an odd time because Global Gaming Factory is in the midst of closing the acquisition of The Pirate Bay.  Earlier this month, The Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde even stepped down.

It is unclear about why Berman stepped down, but Sunde gave his reason.  Sunde felt that after The Pirate Bay acquisition, his services were no longer needed and that he would pursue another entrepreneurial venture.  Bergman will reveal the reason why he decided to step down on Thursday when the shareholders of Global Gaming Factory votes on whether The Pirate Bay acquisition should go through.

There are rumors about Global Gaming Factory X not having enough money to complete the deal.  This is apparently why the Grokster CEO and Global Gaming Factory X Board member Wayne Rosso stepped down.