GM and Honda Is Partnering On Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Posted Jul 2, 2013

General Motors
and Honda Motor Corporation is working together to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology.  Both companies are already developing fuel-cell technologies.  General Motors Project Driveway deployed 119 hydrogen-fueled vehicles so far and Honda brought 85 cars to customers in the Japan and U.S., according to Car and Driver.

Two vehicles that run on Honda and GM’s hydrogen fuel cell technology includes the Chevrolet Equinox FCV and the Honda FCX Clarity.  Fuel cell vehicles have pressurized hydrogen mixed with oxygen to product electricity.  This electricity is used for powering an electric drive motor.  Water vapor is the only emission created from this process.

One of the biggest challenges for developing hydrogen fuel cell technology is the cost and infrastructure.  There is also a lack of hydrogen fill-up stations.  The two companies will not be introducing a collaborative product for another 7 years.  The two companies will continue with plans to

The two companies will continue with plans to introduce their interim-generation models of their hydrogen products.  The next generation Honda FCX Clarity will arrive in 2015, but GM is mum on their details.