GM Announces Cadillac CUE, An Intuitively Designed Infotainment System With Audio Commands

Posted Oct 17, 2011

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) has announced an in-vehicle infotainment system with an intuitive design with auto industry-first controls called the Cadillac User Experience (CUE). The CUE will launch in 2012 with the Cadillac XTS, Cadillac ATS, and the Cadillac SRX.

About the CUE infotainment system

The Cadillac CUE enables up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled devices, USB devices, SD cards, and MP3 players. The CUE system has natural voice commands, fewer buttons, and larger icons. Most luxury cards have at least 20 buttons to control the radio and entertainment functions. CUE reduces it to four buttons.

The CUE has an 8-inch LCD touch screen that has a fully capacitive faceplate. Some of the first several auto industry firsts includes Proximity Sensing, multi-touch hand gestures, Natural Speech Recognition, and the Linux operating system.

Spark EV All-Electric Vehicle

Chevrolet has announced that they will start producing an all-electric version of the Spark mini-car, known as the Spark EV. The Spark EV will be sold in limited quantities in select U.S. and global markets in 2013. A123 Systems will supply the advanced nanophosphate lithium-ion battery packs for the Spark EV.

EN-V Concept
General Motors decided to think out-of-the-box when designing the EN-V concept vehicle. The EN-V has connected zero-emissions with two-seats. The EN-V is an electric urban mobility concept that maintains the basic principle of personal mobility.

The EN-V has climate control, personal storage space, and supports various weather conditions. The EN-V recharges from a conventional wall outlet using a standard household power and can travel at least 40 kilometers (24.85 miles) on a single charge.

Interview with Brian Corbett of Cadillac Communications:

Q: What are some of the costs associated with CUE? Is there a monthly or annual fee?
A: No monthly or annual fee.

Q: What are some of the competitive advantages that GM will gain from an infotainment system such as CUE?
A: CUE provides Cadillac with a competitive advantage, because there’s nothing like it in the industry. CUE will transform personal transportation by simply and efficiently integrating luxury design and instinctive technology with unparalleled levels of customized in-vehicle connectivity. It is easier to use, more powerful and 3.5 faster than current systems. For the tech-savvy, it?s everything you want it to be ? a full suite of infotainment, navigation and communication tools that keeps you fully connected. For the tech-averse, its power is remarkably simple, intuitive and accessible. CUE, which stands for Cadillac User Experience, will pair entertainment and information data from up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, USBs, SD cards and MP3 players with a vehicle infotainment system that reduces complexity through customized information, natural voice commands and fewer buttons and larger control icons to execute driver commands. To improve simplicity and connectivity for consumers, CUE will feature several auto industry firsts.

– Proximity Sensing: As the user?s hand approaches the 8-inch LCD screen on the center instrument panel, command icons appear. Icons can be customized and arranged by consumers to improve ease of use.

– Haptic Feedback: Buttons on the fully capacitive faceplate pulse when pressed to acknowledge the driver?s commands and helps keep the driver?s eyes on the road.

– Multi-Touch Hand Gestures: interactive motions (tap, flick, swipe and spread) popularized by smartphones and tablets allow tasks on the LCD screen, such as scrolling lists, zooming maps and searching favorites to be easily accomplished.

– 12.3 in. LCD reconfigurable gauge cluster (on select models) offers four selectable displays ? Simple, Enhanced, Balanced and Performance ? that can mix traditional vehicle data such as a speedometer and fuel gauge with navigation, entertainment and 3D vehicle image.

– Natural Speech Recognition lets consumers speak logically with fewer specific commands to recall stored media or input navigation destinations. CUE?s text-to-speech feature will also allow consumers to receive text messages by system voice and to send recorded text messages in return.

– Linux operating system, ?open? software platform and ARM 11 3-core processor, each operating at 400 million of instructions (mips) per second. This hardware setup offers 3.5 times more processing power than current infotainment systems, and allow developers to write applications to CUE that be downloaded by consumers.

Q: Has GM partnered with any application developers for CUE specifically?
A: We have some in mind and are currently establishing a software application certification process where developers can obtain programming support and submit their programs for review.

Q. Do you foresee the CUE system being integrated with all GM cars down-the-line?
A. We’ve announced it will debut next year in the Cadillac XTS and ATS luxury sedans and Cadillac SRX luxury crossover. It won’t stop there, but we don’t have any additional product application announcements to make today.