GM Still Not Advertising On Facebook

Posted Oct 12, 2012

Back in July, GM reported that they may return to Facebook for advertising.  Shortly before Facebook’s IPO in May, GM decided to suspend their $10 million advertising blitz on the social network.  It has now been five months and GM still has not returned to the social network.

However Facebook is still working closely with GM.  Facebook sales chief Carolyn Everson reorganized the team around specific sectors and one of them is a dedicated automotive team.  Facebook even created an ad exchange feature which lets advertisers use third party data to target users on the social network.  GM has been wanting this feature since May.

Everson said that Facebook has a team in Detroit that meets with GM every week.  However they do not want GM to spend money on advertising until Facebook can deliver results for them.  ?When they spend, I want them shouting from the mountain tops that we?re their best marketing partners and they can?t live without us,? said Everson.

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