GMail Allows You To Automatically Send Generic E-Mail Responses

Posted Oct 22, 2008

Chad Perry, an engineer at GMail has created a new Labs feature called Canned Responses.  This feature is especially useful for those who are constantly sending generic responses to incoming e-mails.  Users can save and send common messages as well as automatically send e-mail responses using filters.

To get the feature running, log in to your GMail account.  Click on “Settings” and then “Labs.”  Scroll down to where it says Canned Responses by Chad P.  Then click on Enable and save the settings.

Once that is complete, you will need to set up some Canned Settings.  To do this, go to Compose Mail and click on the arrow pointing next to Canned Responses to create a new canned response (screenshot below).

After creating several canned responses, you can add them to your filters.  To set up a canned response filter, click on Filters within the GMail Settings and click Create a Filter.  Setup the filter you desire and then click on Next Step:

After setting up the filter, click on Send Canned Response for messages that you want to have sent to a specific person, subject, keyword-based response:

And there you have it!

Personally I don’t have a reason to use Canned Responses.  I actually enjoy writing personalized e-mails to people.

Just imagine if Facebook had this feature to use for writing on other people’s walls.  Everytime Facebook tells you when it is someone’s birthday, you send them a generic happy birthday message.  There’s no fun in that!

However if I worked at a SMB or a major company and had to write hundreds of e-mails per day, this feature may just come in handy.