GMail DOES Need Folders Like Docs & Spreadsheets

Posted Jun 28, 2007

A couple of days ago, TechCrunch’s Duncan Riley wrote a blog post[1] about Google Docs & Spreadsheets’ new look & feel.  The new look is not only more aeshetic, but now tags have been replaced with folders similar to Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail (formerly known as Hotmail).  One of Riley’s points in the blog post was that GMail should also have folders.  I agree with this statement to an extent.

Just like Windows Live Mail, I say let the users decide how you want your email to look.  Do you want it to look like the original Hotmail or have it look like Microsoft Outlook.  In other words:

Users appreciate it when they have choices.  I want my GMail to have folders, but I want my Hotmail to have e-mail grouping responses.  If there was some sort of GMail/Hotmail hybrid that had grouping and folder features, I’d switch so fast.  Otherwise, users will have to have multiple accounts to truly appreciate each feature. 

Speaking of hybrids, some people have a hard time deciding whether they like the Google search engine or the Yahoo! search engine.  Well check out this hybrid[2]:

After you search, on GahooYoogle, the website will line up both searches side-by-side.  How cool and simple is that?

Microsoft and Google, give us some extra options to work with here.  GMail, lose the tags and switch to folders.