Gmail Gets Redesigned

Posted Nov 1, 2011

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has redesigned Gmail to have a new look. At the bottom right of your Gmail account, a new option will appear that will ask you to switch to the new Gmail look. The new Gmail look has streamline conversations to help you read through e-mail threads. Each e-mail thread will have profile pictures for your contacts.

There is a new Display Density feature that allows you to adjust the spacing between elements in the e-mail service. If you prefer a denser view, you can change the density manually in the Settings Menu.

The new Gmail has HD Themes, which allows you to set up high resolution themes with imagery provided by iStockphoto.

Gmail has updated the navigation panel on the left to make it more customizable. You can resize the labels and the chat areas. You can also hide the chat area entirely by clicking on the chat icon in the lower left.

Lastly the Gmail team has improved the search engine. When you click the dropdown in the search box, you will see an advanced search panel that makes it easier and faster to find what you are looking for.