GMail Launches PDF Viewer

Posted Dec 13, 2008

GMail has created a simple way to view PDF document attachments without having to download them.  This is great news for those who are sick of their computers slowing down from having to open the Adobe PDF reader software and bad news for Adobe themselves.  In order to view the document, GMail users just have to click “View” next to the attachment description.  A new Google Docs window or tab will open the document.

There is also a way to view the document in HTML.  The link for HTML format is at the top of the new PDF viewer.  PDFs can still be saved and viewed with Adobe’s software by clicking “Download.”

Features include zoom in, zoom out, next/previous pages.  The only thing they need is page rotation and what we have here is a complete Adobe Reader replacement.

Marc Miller, Software Engineer at GMail announced the new feature on the Google Blog.