GMail Messages Get Specific IMAP Filters

Posted Oct 9, 2008

GMail has realized that sending every single inbox message across multiple mail clients via IMAP can become overwhelming, especially if you are mixing business and personal e-mails.  Now GMail can send specific e-mails based on filters to your other e-mail clients running on Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). 

IMAP is different from POP because it syncs functions across all mail clients.  If you delete a message on GMail using Outlook’s IMAP system, it will be applied to the web-based version of too.

To set this up, click on “Settings” when logging into GMail.  Then click on “Labs.”  Scroll down to where it says, “Advanced IMAP Controls by Jamie N.”  Enable that feature and then click on Save Changes at the bottom of the Labs page.

After the feature is enabled, click on the Labels tab under Settings and select which Filters you would like to “Show in IMAP.”  Click on the image below to see what the menu looks like:

GMail’s IMAP deletion is slightly more complicated however.  When deleting a message that is still present in the screen that you are looking for, GMail sets it to a filter called [Imap]/Deleted Items.  You can change this by going into Settings -> IMAP Access -> and clicking from one of the below options: