Gmail Now Has A New Compose and Reply Interface

Posted Oct 31, 2012

Gmail is now letting you update to a new interface that involves a completely redesigned compose and reply experience.  This way you can write an e-mail and reference something in another message.  You can also save a draft and open the old e-mail at the same time without having multiple tabs open.  I love it!  The new compose mail feature pops up in a window just like chats (but larger).

Since writing an e-mail in the compose window feature is the same way as chats, you can write multiple messages at once and minimize it to finish it later.  You can also add attachments, send the message, format fonts, insert photos, add hyperlinks, and trash the message.  You will be able to add emoticons and invitations soon.

When you add recipients to the message, you will see the profile pictures of your contacts in autocomplete.  You can also drag-and-drop the new address chips between the to:, cc:, and bcc:.  After adding the recipients, the address area collapses automatically.

The reply experience now also has the same changes to fit better inline as part of your conversation.  Replies now have less vertical height and intelligently expands to fit the content.

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