GMail Now Has Separate Panes Option For Filtered Mail

Posted Feb 6, 2009

Octavian “Vivi” Costache, Software Engineer for GMail used his 20% personal project time to create a new feature in GMail Labs that allows separate panes within GMail for filtered mail.  This can include starred e-mail or specific labeled e-mails.  This new feature is called Multiple Inboxes in the Labs section.

To activate the feature, log in to your GMail account and click on Settings.  After that click on Labs and scroll to where it says Multiple Inboxes.  Enable the feature and click save settings.  Once it is enabled, you’ll immediately see the changes apply to your inbox.  To further configure the settings, click on Settings and then the Multiple Inboxes tab.  About 5 panes can be added.  You can specify the number of e-mails you want to show up in a pane and mark where you want the extra panes to be positioned.

Personally I don’t use the star or label system much on GMail so this feature doesn’t seem very useful to me.  But I think it would be very useful for those who are a lot more organized than I am.

A feature that I would like to see added to GMail that is a similar idea to this one is to have separate panes for separate accounts.  For example, I have multiple accounts with GMail.  Both are pretty active, but in order to delete messages in both accounts I have to log into one account and log into the other.  That gets annoying pretty quick.  It’d be awesome to have a pane with one account’s e-mail and another pane with another account’s e-mail.

[via GMail Blog]