Gmail’s iOS App Is Updated To Open Links In Chrome, Google Maps, and YouTube Apps

Posted May 6, 2013

Google has updated the Gmail app on iOS in a way that users can take more control of the link actions from e-mails.  Now when you tap on links from an e-mail in the Gmail iOS app, you can designate other Google-designed iOS applications to open them in a relevant way rather than having Apple’s mobile Safari browser open it every time.  This functionality will work if you have the Google Chrome, Google Maps, and/or YouTube iOS apps installed on your phone.

Links for standard content:

When opening up a link to standard content or news article that a friend or family member sent to your e-mail, you can designate the Google Chrome iOS app to handle that task.  One of the best features on the Google Chrome iOS app is that you can sync the content to your desktop through the bookmarking feature.  This is the major reason why I prefer Chrome over Safari.

Links for maps:

Now location links can be opened in Google Maps instead of Apple Maps.  The Google Maps app on iOS has become the preferred navigation app for millions of users ever since Apple Maps was launched.

Links for YouTube:

Links that you open for YouTube from an e-mail can now be opened in the YouTube app.  Last month, Google recently updated the YouTube iOS app with the ability to access Live Streams and queue videos to have played on TVs.

The updated Gmail iOS app allows people that use multiple Gmail accounts to sign out of one account at a time rather than being forced to log out of every Gmail account at once.