GMU PhD Student Curtis Melvin Uses Google Maps To Plot N. Korean Sights

Posted Jun 3, 2009

North Korea is becoming one of the biggest concerns in the world right now.  The country is currently testing out long-range missiles for whatever reason.  North Korea is one of the most secretive and repressed countries in the world.

Curtis Melvin, a PhD student at George Mason University and several other civilian spies have made a few trips to North Korea and has managed to put together a map of different areas of interest in the country using Google Maps.  Some of the areas include secret prison camps, burial grounds, missile storage facilities, etc.

Melvin detailed some his research on his blog North Korea Uncovered.  “”Mr. Melvin and his correspondents have plotted out what they say is much of the country’s transportation network and electrical grid, and many of its military bases,” stated an article in the WSJ about Melvin’s research.

Back in February I wrote an article about how there has been U.S. military activity spotted in Pakistan using Google Earth.  Some people in the military believe that this could be a risk, but in the case of Melvin’s project, I see Google Maps as being more beneficial to U.S. intelligence.

[via Gadling]