Go Daddy’s Super Bowl Ads Were Very Effective For Sales

Posted Feb 5, 2013

When domain name registration company Go Daddy aired their Super Bowl commercial featuring super model Bar Refaeli kissing nerdy actor Jesse Heiman with the tagline “When sexy meets smart, your small business scores,” it received some negative reviews.  The Wall Street Journal called the ad disturbing, gross, and cringe-inducing. 

What is not disturbing or gross for Go Daddy is that the sales of their products surged the day after the commercial aired.  Hosting sales went up 45%, dot-com domain sales jumped 40%, and the company added 10,000 customers total when compared to a comparable day in 2012.

Go Daddy ran two ads during the Super Bowl.  “The Perfect Match” featured Heiman and Refaeli and the “YourBigIdea.co” ad showed entrepreneurs coming up with ideas.  Both of the ads are embedded below:

[Source: Mashable]