GoDaddy Acquires Locu For Around $70 Million

Posted Aug 19, 2013

GoDaddy has acquired a startup called Locu for around $70 million in cash and stock, according to AllThingsD.  Locu is a company that helps small businesses gain more visibility on the web.  Locus works with over 30,000 businesses, including restaurants, salons, spas, accountants, etc.  Locus has built profiles for over 1 million businesses in the U.S.  Locu charges around $25 per month for their distribution services.

Locu has partnerships in place with, Foursquare,, TripAdvisor, and Facebook.  Locu raised a total of about $4.6 million in venture capital funding from General Catalyst, Lowercase Capital, Lightbank, and SV Angel.

?We had a great integration partnership and felt GoDaddy could accelerate Locu?s growth. We have a concept of digital identity for small businesses that allows them to keep control of their information on the Web,? stated Locu co-founder and chief executive officer.