Avoids Boycott And Stops Supporting SOPA Completely

Posted Dec 30, 2011

Domain name registration and hosting company has been able to avoid a backlash for previously supporting the SOPA bill. Yesterday declared their full opposition to SOPA after there was an online uprising call-for-action that declared that December 29th should be “Leave GoDaddy Day.” GoDaddy CEO Warren Adelman issued an apology on Thursday night, which emphasized the company’s new opposition. This is what Adelman had to say about the issue:

We have observed a spike in domain name transfers, which are running above normal rates and which we attribute to Go Daddy’s prior support for SOPA, which was reversed… Go Daddy opposes SOPA because the legislation has not fulfilled its basic requirement to build a consensus among stake-holders in the technology and Internet communities… ended up with 20,748 more domain names at the end of the day on Thursday, which means that the number of transfers to doubled the number of transfers out.