GoDaddy Reminds You About Tuvalu Sinking When Buying .TV Domain

Posted May 4, 2009

Tuvalu, an island in the South Pacific with about 11,000 inhabitants is eventually going to sink beneath the ocean.  The .tv is the official domain name extension for the island and can be registered from

Interestingly Twitter user Adam Quirk noticed that a pop-up window appears when registering the .tv domain name recommending buyers to go with a .com, .net, or .info.  There is also a note that reminds people that the island is sinking.

If Tuvalu does end up sinking, its only real estate that will be left will exist on the Internet.  Back in the 1990’s during the domain name rush, analysts were predicting that every TV station would want to snap up a .tv domain name for websites that could potentially be called,,, etc.  But that never happened.

The island of Tuvalu even had a 12 year contract sharing agreement for revenue made from .tv registrations, marketed by DotTV.  DotTV was even backed with $50 million in funding from Idealab.