GoDaddy’s New Super Bowl Ads Will Not Have Innuendo

Posted Oct 31, 2013

GoDaddy has announced that for the 10th year in a row, they will be in the Super Bowl commercial line-up.  GoDaddy bought two thirty second spots, one in each half of the game, which is being broadcasted on FOX February 2nd, 2013.  At least one of the commercials will feature Danica Patrick, who has already been in more Super Bowl commercials than any other celebrity.

The creative details and storyline has not been revealed yet.  “GoDaddy is confirming what won’t be in the new commercials — risqué innuendo,” said the company in a statement to Pulse 2.0.  GoDaddy’s marketing has changed around under the new CEO Blake Irving.

Recently GoDaddy launched a marketing campaign featuring action star Jean Claude Van Damme: