GodTube Should Be Ready To Yell, Hallelujah! The Christian Video Sharing Site Has Raised $30 Million.

Posted May 5, 2008

Hedge fund, GLG Partners has invested $30 million into GodTube, a Christian video sharing web site, valuing the company at $150 million. GodTube previously raised $2.5 million.  The company is based in Dallas, Texas and was co-started by Chris Wyatt, a former CBS exec producer.

GodTube recently launched GodCaster and the Video Police. Video Police are real humans ensuring that explicit content is not uploaded to the site.  “Godcaster” is a way for churches to stream live videos of their services online.

GodTube is the only site I’ve seen that has raised funding by taking a web 2.0 concept and combining it with religion.  On the contrary, Google/YouTube is filing a trademark suit against JewTube.  There are many companies out there that takes religion and mixes it with the name of a social network including HinduSpace, MyPraize, MuslimSpace, and MyJWorld.  

Religion social networks are opening constantly, yet these niches have not quite been saturated yet.  Most of these social networks out there are unique to the specific religion.

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