Google Receives 2.5 Million Copyright Removal Requests Per Week

Posted Dec 15, 2012

Google has a copyright notice takedown tool for search results.  The number of requests that Google is getting has grown tenfold in the last 6 months said Google.  When Google started to publicly post the takedown notices in late May, the company was receiving around 250,000 requests per week.  Now they are getting around 2.5 million per week.  This past May, Google reported that the 250,000 requests that they received in a week was more than they got entirely in 2009.

Google said that the requests that they received are overwhelmingly legitimate.  “Between December 2011 and November 2012, we removed 97.5 percent of all URLs specified in copyright removal requests,” said Google.  Even though Google does comply with copyright takedown notices, they till believe that that policymakers should consider how enforce copyright laws.

Google wrote that “as policymakers evaluate how effective copyright laws are, they need to consider the collateral impact copyright regulation has on the flow of information online.”

[Source: Google Policy Blog]