Google Accelerates Plans To Launch Siri Rival

Posted Jun 19, 2012

Google is accelerating their plans to launch a rival service to Apple’s Siri according to The Wall Street Journal. When Apple releases iOS 6, Siri will be supported in additional languages and will understand additional commands about sports, movies, restaurants, etc. Siri will also be integrated into certain BMW, Landrover, GM, and Audi cars as part of an “Eyes Free” service.

The details about the Google Siri competitor known as “Majel” are unknown. The future Google virtual assistant service would most likely not be able to run on older versions of Android, which can be a problem because “Ice Cream Sandwich” is only installed on 5% of all active devices.

When Google acquired Cleve Sense, they launched a service called Alfred, a personal assistant smartphone app using A.I. The technology behind Alfred could be used to create a formidable opponent for Siri. Rumor has it that the Google X team, known for working on the Google Glasses project, is also building the Siri rival.