Google Acquires Behavio

Posted Apr 15, 2013

Google has acquired Behavio, a startup that was funded by the Knight Foundation.  Behavio developed apps that can detect social and behavioral trends of you and the people around you.  Behavio gained some attention after receiving a prize at the 2012 SXSW Accelerator competition.

Behavio is an open-source platform that can turn phones into smart sensors of real world behavior.  The company helps programmers build apps with smarter sensors and created tools for journalists to uncover trends in community data.  Behavio will continue to maintain the Funf open source project after joining Google.

?We are very excited to announce that the Behavio team is now a part of Google! At Behavio, we have always been passionate about helping people better understand the world around them. We believe that our digital experiences should be better connected with the way we experience the world, and we couldn?t be happier to be able to continue building out our vision within Google,? says Behavio on their homepage.

Nadav Aharony, Alan Gardner, and Cody Sumter are the three founders of Behavio.  Aharony previously worked at Google as a product manager on the Android team.  Gardner worked on career engineering enterprise search applications at a company called Endeca, which is now owned by Oracle.  Sumter is known for running one of the largest student-run startup competitions at M.I.T.