Google Adds 79 Data Center Patents To Open Patent Non-Assertion Pledge

Posted Aug 9, 2013

Google has added 79 patents to a list that they have pledged not to use for suing any distributor or developer of open-source software, unless it is out of defense.  These patents covers software that is used for operating data centers, including middleware, database management, middleware, alarm monitoring, etc.

Google’s Open Patent Non-Assertion (OPN) Pledge was announced this past March.  The purpose of the OPN program is to ?encourage pro-competitive, defensive uses of patents to support open-source innovation.?

At the time of the announcement, Google added 10 patents under the pledge.  Those 10 patents were based on MapReduce, which is a program used for processing large data sets.  The 79 patents added to OPN were acquired by Google from IBM and CA.