Google adds additional Android app security

Posted Apr 11, 2014

Google is taking additional steps to make sure that Android users are protected from malware within its apps. Google announced on Thursday that it is expanding its app verification service to monitor apps on all devices, including apps downloaded from the Google Play Store.

When the Verify Apps service was enabled in the past, only apps from third party app stores were scanned. Now Verify Apps are going to check every app before it is installed.

“Because potentially harmful applications are very rare, most people will never see a warning or any other indication that they have this additional layer of protection,” said Google in a┬áblog post. “But we do expect a small number of people to see warnings (which look similar to the existing Verify apps warnings) as a result of this new capability.”

You can find the Verify Apps setting under the security settings menu in most Android versions. It is enabled by default on Android smartphones and tablets.