Google Adds Google+ Photos To Search Using Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Posted May 23, 2013

announced on Thursday that they have integrated Google+ photos into the main search service.  Google now lets you find photos that have been uploaded to the Google+ social network simply by searching for them.

As you are signed into Google, you just need to search for “my photos” on or Google+ to find the photos that you have uploaded.  Google also uses “computer vision” and machine learning to understand the photos that you are looking for.

An example that Google provided in the screenshot below is “my photos of flowers”:

The keyword “photos” is the driver of the new feature.  You can also find photos that your Google+ friends uploaded by typing in queries like “Sergey’s photos of glass” or “John’s photos of California.”

The results are not based on tags or captions.  Google is able to analyze the content of the photos without referring to the tags.  Will it be accurate?  No.  But it will get better over time.