Google Adds Hulu Plus To Chromecast

Posted Oct 2, 2013

Google has added the Hulu app to the Chromecast Web TV gadgets.  Hulu Plus with support for the Chromecast can be downloaded through Google Play now.  You will need to have a Hulu Plus account to have the app work on the $35 Chromecast device.  However, you can still stream the Hulu service for free through a web browser through the Chromecast.  However, Google points out that the best way to stream content is through official apps.

“For owners of a Chromecast device, the Hulu Plus app on your phone or tablet makes it easy to control Hulu Plus on your TV. Just fire up the Hulu Plus app on your mobile device, connect to Chromecast and start watching. A simple tap on your mobile device screen allows you to scroll through and watch all your favorite TV shows,” stated Hulu Plus senior product manager Karan Nischol.

Now Chromecast has five apps, including Hulu Plus and Netflix.