Google+ Adds New Follow Buttons For Publisher Integration

Posted Jul 1, 2013

Google has announced that they have created a Google+ Follow button.  The Follow button is a standalone plugin that allows a publisher’s visitors to follow them from their website.  The Follow button is compact so that it can be easily integrated with existing social buttons.  If you have already added the +1 button, then no new JavaScript is required.  You just have to configure the plugin and add the markup to your page.

New Badge For Communities: Since community managers have been asking for a way to attract users from across the web, they have introduced a badges for Google+ Communities feature.  These badges can be configured to easily match your website design.  When a visitor clicks on the Preview button, they will see your community page in a new browser tab to see recent posts and join the community.

Badges for Pages and Profiles: Google+ has also updated the Page and Profile badges so that they can be highly customized in portrait and landscape modes or light and dark modes.  You can also customize badge to turn on and off the cover photo and tagline.