Google+ Adds Volume Control, Sneak Preview Notifications, Photo Lightbox, and Pages Improvements

Posted Dec 19, 2011

Bradley Horowitz, the VP of Product at Google+ wrote on the company blog that they have created several new features to the social network. The new features include the ability to fine-tune your stream using a slider, a “sneak preview” notification system, and improvements to Pages.

Sometimes you do not want to miss important posts from your family and friends in your circles. They have added a graphic-equalize system that allows you to fine-tune how often you will be sent updates in your stream. The slider at the top will allow you to adjust how posts from that circle are blended into the main stream. Check out the video demo below:

Google+ has updated the Google Bar at the top of the screen. Usually the notifications glows in red and you have to navigate to the content to understand what happened. Now Google+ has notifications “sneak previews” that immediately shows you what has happened.

Google has updated Google+ Pages to have multi-manager support, notifications, and unification of +1 and follower counts. You can now delegate about 50 manages as admins for the page. A new notification flow will show that these managers will be kept in the loop on all activities. An aggregated count of users that have engaged with your Page will be added by either +1’ing it or by adding it to your circle.

Now you can browse photos on Google+ using Lightbox. This is a pop-up photo gallery that has improved navigation, enhanced comment legibility, and overall utility. Below is a video of how the new photo gallery works: