Google Is Shutting Down AdWhirl On September 30th

Posted Jun 15, 2013

Google has announced that they are shutting down AdWhirl.  Google subsidiary AdMob acquired AdWhirl in August 2009.  Google acquired AdMob for $750 million a couple of months later.  AdWhirl is a service that lets app developers switch between different ad networks.  Google is going to officially shut down the service on September 30th so that users can decide where they would like to move their ads.

Google is encouraging users to switch to AdMob Mediation, which is a tool that they launched after the acquisition in order to support AdWhirl.  Users can still have access to AdWhirl if they want to use open source code to run the service.  Google will not be hosting or supporting the service though.

Below is a letter that was sent out about the service being shut down:

Dear AdWhirl by AdMob Developer,

AdWhirl has been supported by Google since 2010, when it became part of the Google family through the acquisition of AdMob. Since then, we?ve invested in helping AdMob developers serve ads in their apps from any number of ad networks through AdMob Mediation, which many developers use today. As we continue to improve AdMob Mediation, we?ve decided to retire AdWhirl, and will be discontinuing the service on 30 September 2013. The open source code for AdWhirl will still be available if anyone wants to run their own AdWhirl service.

AdMob Mediation is at no cost and more robust, with features like network-level reporting, country-level allocation and support for more ad formats. You can learn more about the specific features of AdMob Mediation here.

We encourage you to start using AdMob Mediation prior to 30 September. You?ll need an AdMob account to begin using AdMob Mediation. If you have one already you can find instructions for switching from AdWhirl here. If not, you can sign up for an AdMob account here.


The Google AdMob Team