Google+ Also Includes Google Check-ins

Posted Jul 1, 2011

An additional feature of Google+ not mentioned in the demo tour is Google Check-ins, which AboutFoursquare says will be a rival for Foursquare, but particularly will challenge Facebook Places. The privacy issues surrounding Foursquare and Facebook Places that concern some users are potentially nonexistent in Google Check-ins because of the Circles built into every facet of Google+. Users of Google+ get to decide which circles see their Check-ins before they’re even posted with a simple menu at the top of the mobile Check-ins page.

Google Check-ins is already linked with Google Places, so that clicking on a business a friend checked in to sends users to the Google Places page for that business. With the ability to decide which Circles your Check-ins are shared with, Google Check-ins seems like it will become more about letting people know, “hey, I got here safely” and less about telling people, “hey, guess where I am?!”