Google and Intellectual Ventures patent trial ends due to mistrial

Posted Feb 5, 2014

A judge declared a mistrial in a lawsuit that was brought by Intellectual Ventures against Motorola Mobility. The jurors could not unanimously agree on a decision, according to Intellectual Ventures. This case involved 3 patents that cover a variety of smartphone-related technologies including Google Play.

U.S. District Judge Sue Robinson declared the mistrial on Wednesday around two weeks after the trial began and one day after the jury started to deliberate. A retrial will probably happen sometime in the near future.

“We continue to believe this lawsuit was based on overbroad patent claims meant to tax innovation,” said Motorola in a statement.

Google recently announced that they were going to sell the Motorola handset business to Lenovo, but plans to keep the patents.

Some people have called Intellectual Ventures a patent troll, but they disagree. Intellectual Ventures said that they invest in quality intellectual property and does not file frivolous lawsuits. The Motorola lawsuit is the first one that Intellectual Ventures took to trial since being founded 14 years ago.

Intellectual Ventures raised $6 billion from investors and bought tens of thousands of I.P. assets from various sources. Google was an invest in Intellectual Ventures’s first patent acquisition fund, but did not participate in future investments.

This case was filed under U.S. District Court, District of Delaware is Intellectual Ventures I and Intellectual Ventures II vs. Motorola Mobility, 11-908.

[Source: Reuters]