Google and Microsoft Prank Each Other On April Fools Day

Posted Apr 1, 2013

Today is April Fools Day and many websites take the opportunity to joke around with their visitors.  Google and Microsoft, two of the biggest tech giant rivals, have specifically targeted each other for a prank.  Google poked fun at Windows Blue and Microsoft decided to make fun of the homepage.

Google makes fun of Windows Blue by highlighting a product that does not exist yet, Gmail Blue.  Gmail Blue is supposed to “completely redesign and recreate something, while keeping it exactly the same.”  In the prank video, the Gmail team said that their goal was to make Gmail bluer.  “You click on compose, the button compose.  Blue.  The word compose itself, blue.  Bold face is blue.  Underline is blue.  Italics is blue as well.”  What made this video epic was that the Blue Man Group made a cameo in it.  Check out the video below:

Today when you visit and search for “Google,” you will notice a parody of the homepage.  Bing users will see the white search page with a multi-colored Bing logo.  Below the Bing logo is a button that says “I’m Feeling Confused.”  The iconic Bing boxes appear below the search box with “tips.”  The tips say “With so many delicious flavors available, most people still choose vanilla,” “if blank space is your thing?,” “When there’s nothing else to look at?,” and “Having trouble seeing this picture of an arctic fox eating marshmallows in a snowstorm?”