Google And Verizon Launching Two New Android Phones, Powered With Google Voice

Posted Oct 6, 2009

Apple may have decided to reject Google Voice, but Verizon Wireless plans to embrace the application. Google and Verizon have an Android partnership and the results of this deal will appear in the next few weeks. The first two Android powered phones will be available on Verizon later this year.

?You either have an open device or not, and this will be open,? stated Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam in a conference call with journalists today.

?In Verizon, somehow, the leadership has decided to embrace a very different philosophy, which works very, very well with the Internet,? added Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the conference call. Verizon and Google started their partnership discussion about 18 months ago. Verizon was the third telecommunications company to launch a phone on the Android operating system. T-Mobile and Sprint were the first two companies. Verizon is the largest wireless carrier based on the number of subscribers.