Google Android 4.3 Has Improved Bluetooth and OpenGL

Posted Jul 24, 2013

Today Google has announced Android version 4.3.  There aren’t that many new features in the updated version of Android over version 4.2.  Some of the new features includes a redesigned camera interface, performance improvements, and Bluetooth Low Energy support.

Restricted Profiles: Google has added Restricted Profiles to the multi-user restricted profiles feature.  This feature lets parents set up controls on the tablet by changing the performance of apps based on who is logged in.  Parents can also block access to in-app purchases.  Provisioning can be set up for enterprise settings as well.

Bluetooth: Android 4.3 supports Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart).  This makes it easier to connect accessories to Android devices without consuming too much battery.  This works great for fitness trackers and a smart-watch device.

OpenGL|ES 3.0: Game developers will benefit from this feature.  This supports lens flares and sharp visual effects.  The effects and gameplay can be rendered real-time in native 1080p.

DRM APIs: Media companies prefers that their content contains DRM.  By offering this feature, Google may be able to make deals to offer more content.

Netflix: Netflix will now deliver 1080p video streaming on Android 4.3.  Announced earlier today, the Nexus 7 will be the first Android tablet to support 1080p form Netflix.

Notification Access:  From the Android status bar, you can access and interact with notifications.  You can change the read status and dismiss notifications through another app also.