Google+ Android App Gets Updated To Version 4.0

Posted May 20, 2013

Google has updated the Google+ Android app today to match the revamped designs on the desktop version of the social network.  Google+ for Android now gives users access to automatic photo enhancements and Auto Awesome while they are on-the-go.  Other features that have been added to the Google+ Android app includes instant hashtagging and improved notifications.

The photos on the Google+ Android app works with Auto Backup (safely/privately store photos as you take them), Auto Highlight (browse selection of top shots from every set of photos you add), Auto Enhance (make subtle improvements to people and places in your images automatically), Auto Awesome (create fun versions of your pictures).

Some of the photo enhancements added to the Google+ Android app are powered by Snapseed’s technology.  Google acquired Snapseed in September 2012.  Google+ for Android offers various ways to edit and adjust the photos that you take. “Today?s Android update includes some of Snapseed?s award-winning photography tools ? from filters like Drama and Retrolux to more specific controls like saturation and contrast ? all inside the app,” stated Google+ VP of Product Bradley Horowitz.  You can rotate, crop, filter, and make other changes to the pictures before sharing them in this version of the app.

The new Google+ Android app also has Google Latitude features where users can find a friends’ location on a map and set up meetups.  This feature is opt-in and can be disabled anytime.

You can download the new Google+ app for Android now on Google Play.