Google Android In Stores By Oct 22; Best Android Apps

Posted Sep 23, 2008

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) is debuting today in front of a large audience at the T-Mobile G1 event.  Google Android will be available in America and in Europe upon the initial launch.  The HTC Dream G1 phone will be released on October 22 and will cost about $179.  The HTC Dream G1 phone will be touch screen, have 3G WiFi, QWERTY keyboard, YouTube, Street View, Maps, Google applications, 3MP camera, video, music player, 1GB in memory, and access to the Google Android Market.  T-Mobile will start integrating 3G networks at major airports. 

The browser will be Chrome-like.  And the music player will be able to support DRM-free MP3, WMA, AAC.  Larry Page and Sergey Brin made a surprise visit at the event.

Google has also recently announced the winners and finalists of the Android Developer Challenge.  The developers that won $275,000 in awards are:
1. cab4me: An app that connects cab drivers with potential passengers
2. CompareEverywhere: An app where readers can read reviews of local stores.
3. Ecorio: Track your mobile carbon footprint.  Recommends ways to conserve energy (carpooling, bus, etc.)
4. GoCart: Scan the barcode of a product using the built-in camera and find the best prices for that good at other places.
5. Life360:  Uses messaging system and the social network around your neighbor-hood to find out about natural disasters or help finding a lost pet.
6. Locale: Change advanced phone settings based on your geographic location.  For example, go to vibrate mode when sitting in the office.
7. PicSay: Personalize images and share with friends or other photo sites.
8. Softrace: Set up fun races with friends through the Location API.
9. TuneWiki: Social media player that loads audio, video, music maps, social networks, and lyrics around certain songs.
10. Wertago: Find local parties where other friends might be located.

The developers that won $100,000 in awards are:
1. BreadCrumbz: Take pictures of a route that you are following and send them to friends using the camera and the GPS.
2. Cooking Capsules:  An application that shows you pictures of ingredients and recipes.
3. Maverick: An app that makes it easy to exchange multimedia with other Maverick users through Google Talk and
4. PebbleBox: Exchange and share local information about housing, restaurants, etc.
5. PhoneBook 2.0: Contextual social address book.  For people to share mood and location.
6. Piggyback: Real-time carpooling application
7. Pocket Journey: Connects mobile phone user to local media describing certain landmarks based on geographic location.
8. Rayfarla: Games centered around music and play virtual music instruments.
9. ShareYourBoard: Share whiteboard data with friends.  Great app for start-up companies and corporations.
10. Teradesk e-Storage: Remote file access and virtual storage.

“Developers will soon be able to distribute their applications to real handsets through the beta version of Android Market,” stated Erick Tseng, Lead Product Manager of the Android Team. “Handset manufacturers and wireless carriers will be able to incorporate Android innovations into their own new handsets and service offerings. And users will get better handsets and more choice. We think it’s another step towards realizing the full potential of the mobile phone.”