Google Android Market Hits Over 10,000 Applications

Posted Sep 8, 2009

The mobile wars are continuing to heat up as it was revealed that the Google Android Marketplace has over 10,000 applications, of which about 64% are free according to MobileCrunch. That means that Google’s total count of applications is about 1/7th of what Apple has.

In the next several months, a plethora of phones will be released for the Google Android which means that you may start to see iPhone application developers shift gears and start learning to program for the Android. While this is certainly a possibility, Apple has something big to announce tomorrow.

AndroLib is a website to unofficially track the number of applications and their descriptions. Back in May, Google had about 2,300 applications on Android Market so that means that in the last four months, the store grew 4.4 times in size. The Android Market was first announced on August 28, 2008.