Google Android Market Share Hits Around 80% [Report]

Posted Aug 9, 2013

The Google Android mobile operating system now accounts for around 79.3% of the smartphone marketshare.  Apple’s marketshare is now 13.2%, according to numbers crunched by market research firm International Data Corp (IDC).

Android saw year-on-year growth of 73.5% with 187.4 million Android devices that were shipped during this quarter compared to 108 million shipped in Q2 of 2012.  This growth is largely attributed by the Samsung Galaxy S4 along with new devices that were released by LG, Lenovo, ZTE, and Huawei.

Apple saw a 20% increase year-on-year for 13.2% of the overall smartphone market.  Sales of the iPhone increase from 21.2 million to 26 million.  “Without a new product launch since the debut of the iPhone 5 nearly a year ago, Apple’s market share was vulnerable to product launches from the competition. But with a new iPhone and revamped iOS coming out later this year, Apple is well positioned to recapture market share,” stated IDC research manager Ramon Llamas.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile market share grew 77.6% for Q2, which puts them ahead of BlackBerry.  Microsoft now has a 3.7% overall marketshare as they shipped 8.7 million Windows Phone devices for the second quarter, compared to 4.9 million for the same period last year.

BlackBerry sold 6.8 million smartphones, which is down 11.7%.  BlackBerry shipped 7.7 million smartphones in Q2 of last year.  Now BlackBerry has a 2.9% marketshare.