Google Ann Arbor Exec Grady Burnett Leaves To Become Facebook Sales Head

Posted Jun 4, 2009

Last month University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and Google co-founder Larry Page gave a commencement speech.  One of the reasons why Google has a major advertising operations office in Ann Arbor is because Page is deeply tied to the city.  His parents had actually met each at the University of Michigan according to Page’s speech.

Unfortunately for Google, the head of advertising operations at the Google Ann Arbor office Grady Burnett has stepped down to become the head of global online and inside sales at Facebook.  Facebook Inc. has about $716 million in total funding and is pushing towards $500 million in revenue this year.

Burnett has been leading the AdWords division in Ann Arbor since 2006 and he will be replaced by Mike Miller.

?As you might imagine, this was a hard decision for me and my family. We love Michigan and I thoroughly enjoyed my nearly four years working for Google,? stated Burnett in an e-mail to