Google Announces DoubleClick Digital Marketing

Posted Jun 6, 2012

Ever since Google acquired DoubleClick in April 2007 for $3.1 billion, they have been integrating their platform with their own services. Today Google has announced DoubleClick Digital Marketing. DoubleClick Digital Marketing will help marketing companies deal with multiple systems like banner ads, paid search campaigns, mobile ads, online video, etc.

What are we making possible?
With the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform, we?re enabling:

– Smarter creative that works with your media buy and that dynamically responds in real-time, with the audience in mind.
– More responsive campaigns that can ?learn? the channels where consumers interact and quickly respond with the most appropriate creative, message and offer across all screens (for example, using a single set of frequency capping, remarketing and creative optimization signals across the entire campaign, helping to deliver the right ad as users move through the marketing funnel?from awareness to conversion).
– Creating greater value for your business and campaigns, enabling a better understanding across channels and formats (e.g., how does rich media perform versus video?); and facilitating real-time, smarter optimization decisions to reduce cost and increase campaign performance (for example, should you reduce bids on your search keywords and exchange buying while increasing your bids to run more video ads?).

Google will be rolling out this product in the next few months. Check out the video presentation from the DoubleClick team below: