Google+ Announces Embedded Posts And Author Attribution

Posted Sep 10, 2013

Google+ has announced a couple of new features this week: embedded posts and author attribution.  Embedded posts allows bloggers and publishers to embed public Google+ posts on other websites.  The new author attribution feature streamlines the process of connecting your content on websites like to your Google+ profile.

Embedded Posts:

People that want to embed a Google+ post can click on the “Embed post” tab from the drop-down menu in a post’s upper-righthand corner.

The code for the embed post can be copied and it will include text and photos.  The Google+ embedded post will have the same standard +1 button for readers to interact with.

Author Attribution

Google also announced that they are integrating the Google+ Sign-In with Google’s Authorship program.  This means that if you sign in to with Google, the articles you publish will now be associated with your Google+ profile automatically.

Your Google+ information will be surfaced when it becomes most relevant.  For example, you may see your name, picture, and link to your Google+ profile when your content appears in Search, News, and Google products.

[Image Credits: Google+ Blog]