Google Inc (GOOG) wins contract to provide Google Apps to city of Boston

Posted Jan 6, 2014

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has won a major contract – the City of Boston. Around 76,000 people will be shifted to Google apps from Microsoft’s e-mail services. The e-mails accounts were mostly using Microsoft Exchange, according to Boston CIO Bill Oates. This is one of the largest contracts that Google poached from Microsoft thus far. Google beat out 9 other proposals based on cost and technical capabilities.

“As the city evaluated an upgrade to communication and collaboration infrastructure, we clearly saw cloud services as the most cost effective, supportable platform to address our future needs. In 2013, following an extensive review of the market, the city initiated a rigorous RFP process that attracted an wide array of bids, including multiple Microsoft and Google cloud offerings. A selection committee composed of members from our City IT organization, Boston Police, and Boston Public Schools evaluated 10 proposals based on both cost and technical capabilities. The committee unanimously chose Google Apps based on its ability to meet the needs of a fast moving city while providing a secure cloud environment,” added Oates in a blog post.

Google and Microsoft have been competing intensely for government contracts. Microsoft recently touted a 100,000 seat deal with the State of Texas.

The organizations in the city of Boston that were involved in the RFP process included the City IT organization, Boston Police, and Boston Public Schools.

[Source: BI]