Google Apps To Power Indian Portal,’s Mail & Chat Applications

Posted Aug 27, 2008

Sify Technologies Limited (NASDAQ:SIFY) and Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) have made an official partnership to have Google power Sifymail and chat applications. Sify’s stock price increased about 18% after the news was released. Their stock on the NASDAQ is now trading at $3.12 per share and they have a market cap of $133.59 million.

Sify’s search engine is already powered by Google. This partnership further develops Sify’s alliance with the U.S.-based search engine company.

“There is a perfect confluence
of the mission of our companies in enhancing the quality of life of
individuals and businesses by empowering them with the Internet. Our
agreement with Google makes superior applications available for
communications and collaboration, coupled with our understanding of the
needs of Indians, on our popular portal,” stated Raju Vegesna, CEO and Chairman of Sify. “We believe that we
can make compelling applications, tools and content based on Google’s
expertise for many more Indians to use the Internet to enhance their
productivity and quality of life. This agreement enhances our
relationship with Google beyond powering the search on”

Google Apps will be launching the Google Apps across their portal in the next few months.

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