Google Book Search Settles Court Case, Costs $125 Million

Posted Oct 28, 2008

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has settled a 3 year battle with the Authors Guild and Association of American Publishers.  As part of the settlement, Google will be establishing a Registry to make sure that copyrighted works will receive compensation from subscription services or advertising revenue.  The settlement will cost Google about $125 million.

The deal still needs to be approved by a U.S. district court.

Students at universities and other institutions will have the ability to log into Google Book Search for free, but others may have to pay for lifetime access.  Those who pay can create an online bookshelf within all of the books that Google indexes.  

Google’s 21 book partners are:
1. Bavarian State Library
2. Columbia University
3. Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC)
4. Cornell University Library
5. Harvard University
6. Ghent University Library
7. Keio University Library
8. Lyon Municipal Library
9. The National Library of Catalonia
10. The New York Public Library
11. Oxford University
12. Princeton University
13. Stanford University
14. University of California
16. University Complutense of Madrid
17. University Library of Lausanne
18. University of Michigan
19. University of Texas at Austin
20. University of Virginia
21. University of Wisconsin – Madison