Google Books Settlement With Authors Guild and Publishers Association Rejected

Posted Mar 22, 2011

The U.S. District Court in New York has rejected Google’s book settlement with the Authors Guild and Association of American Publishers. The Amended Settlement Agreement (ASA) let Google scan whatever books they wanted and index it.

However Judge Denny Chin felt that the ASA would give the search engine company a major advantage over competitors. The ASA was proposed in 2005 and a settlement was reached in 2008. ?Certain objectors oppose the ASA on antitrust grounds, arguing that (1) certain pricing mechanisms would constitute horizontal agreements that would violate the Sherman Act; (2) the ASA would effectively grant Google a monopoly over digital books, and, in particular, orphan books; and (3) such a monopoly would further entrench Google?s dominant position in the online search business,? stated Chin.

Some of the companies that disapproves of the ASA include Microsoft and Amazon. Other problems of the ASA include privacy issues and violations.

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