Google has acquired animal-robot maker Boston Dynamics

Posted Dec 14, 2013

Earlier this month, we wrote about how Google acquired seven robotics companies for a project that is being led by Android creator Andy Rubin. Now Google has acquired one of the largest and sophisticated robotics companies in the U.S. called Boston Dynamics, which will be Google’s 8th robotics related acquisition in the last half-year. Boston Dynamics is known for creating robots that have animal-like posture such as the military robot known as “Big Dog.”

Google confirmed the acquisition with The New York Times. Boston Dynamics was able to thrive in developing the projects due to large government contracts. Boston Dynamics designed mobile research robots for the Pentagon.

Boston Dynamics was founded by former MIT professor Marc Raibert in 1992. The company has not sold robots commercially, but has consulted for companies like Sony on consumer robots.

Google said that they will honor existing military contracts, but will not become a military contractor on their own. Boston Dynamics is supply Darpa with a set of humanoid robots called Atlas under a $10.8 million contract. Atlas will be demonstrated at the Darpa Robotics Challenge, which will show robots that can help in natural disasters.

[Source: New York Times]