Google Wins Browser Tracker Lawsuit

Posted Oct 11, 2013

Google has won a browser tracker lawsuit.  A federal judge threw the class action lawsuit out that was filed against Google.  The judge said that Google did not harm anyone when they tricked Internet Explorer and Apple Safari browsers into accepting advertiser cookies, even though the browsers were set to forbid the cookies.

U.S. District Judge Sue Robinson made the ruling.  She said that the consumers that filed the lawsuit were unable to show how they were harmed by the companies collecting their data and using it to target ads.

There was news that Google “hacked” the Safari browser and this was first reported in February 2011.  A Stanford University student had a video posted about how Google “tricked” the browser into accepting the cookies.  The FTC hit Google with a $2.2 million fine as a result.  They also made Google promise that they would not “misrepresent” how they treated privacy settings.